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Harrisontech services its clients via two different Registrars.
WHY? -
Harrisontech’s original Registrar proved to be inefficient and didn’t comply to auDA requirements causing disruptions to some domain name holders. This left Harrisontech no choice but to change Registrars to meet the standards they expect to service their clients.

NOTICE - All domain name holders (Harrisontech domain clients) were notified via email of Harrisontech’s intent and reasons to change to the new Registrar. Harrisontech advised that they would try and assist in a bulk transfer to the new Registrar, however auDA (the policy authority and industry self-regulatory body for the .au domain space) advised that the domain name holders transfer their own domain names in compliance with the .au guidelines as this was a requirement. However, this doesn't prohibit Harrisontech assisting in performing transfers on the clients behalf.

ASSISTANCE - Harrisontech strongly recommend any client residing on the old Registrar to move to the new Harrisontech Registrar. For assistance please submit a support ticket or call 07 5630 1670 during business hours.

TRANSFER PROCESS - to transfer any .au domain name to the recommended Registrar used by Harrisontech is easy; you need only to follow these few processes following:
Transferring a domain name between .au Registrars does not interfere with your website, nameservers, hosting or emails; unless physically changed, everything will stay the same!

Step 1: Go to auDA's domain name password recovery page to get your domain password (your domain password will be emailed to you)
Step 2: Go to and sign up as a new member until complete (remember your new username and password)
Step 3: Click on Transfer Domains or visit this Transfer Domains Link and follow the transfer steps until complete
Step 4: Note, after your transfer request, the domain name administrator will be sent an email from the Registrar to confirm the transfer. Confirm the transfer request and wait up to 36 hours for the transfer to take effect (you will be notified via email).

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